Hair Styling Courses

Here at Tworld Training we offer a variety of short courses for specific aspects of hairdressing. They are designed in mind for students who do not wish to do a full hairdressing course or existing hairdresser who wish to add extra skills to their existing experience. Our courses are intensive and full of the vital training any student will need to go and work in industry. They are suitable from the total novice upwards. We also offer complete intensive courses so you can study ALL aspects our hair courses. So you can deliver a full service to clients, without a lengthy time inhibiting training course.

Beginner’s Hair Styling Course
Bouncy Blow Wave  Course
Vintage Hair Styling Course
Roller Setting Course
Bridal hair styling course
Hair cutting & styling course
Complete intensive hair course
Plaits, pleats & braiding course

Wig Styling Course
Avante Garde Hair Styling Course
Complete hair stylist and make up artist course
Barbering Course

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