Accredited Professional Standards For the Hair and Beauty Industry Course.


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Professional Standards For Therapists

Course Overview:-

Professional Therapists are required to comply with all relevant legislation affecting their businesses and must act professionally at all times towards clients and fellow practitioners. Professional Therapists are responsible for the health and safely of their clients and themselves. They must also abide by a strict code of ethics. As a Professional Therapist, you will need to comply with any new legislation that is introduced, and be aware of any changes that are made to existing legislation. Once you have completed the Professional Standards for Therapists course, you will continue to receive updates of any changes to UK legislation that will affect your business.

Modules covered:-
Health & Safety.
Essential Legislation.
Hygiene & Sanitation.
Preventing Infection.
Personal Appearance & Professionalism.
Insurance & Membership.

Method and hours of study: 8 Hours of theory study online at your own pace.

Certification awarded on completion.
Please note
You may also have to pay a £25.00 registration fee to the accrediting body.

Each Student has a maximum time of 6 months to complete this course. 

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