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TWorld Training- Training Academy for Photography, Beauty, Hairdressing,Hair extensions,Nails  Lash & Brows, Make Up

TWorld Training is the premier AWARD WINNING training academy for courses in fashion styling, photography and photo shop, hairdressing , make up, nail technician and beauty industries. Offering a comprehensive range of training courses for future creative talent. We deliver premium training to students by our experienced knowledgeable expert tutors. After assessing the requirement of our students we are able to deliver the right training for every learner. Ensuring training is student led at their level and with the need to attain their training goals. We offer support in our training centre and via email. Our qualified tutors skillsets are varied enabling us to deliver a wide variety of training in the creative/beauty sector. Nurturing new talent at the core and supporting on their new career path. We are also able to offer payment plans through Klarna for students who wish to spread the cost of their training

Training School
Photography Courses
Training School
Photoshop/ Final Cut Pro courses
Training School
Fashion Styling Course
Make Up Courses
Beauty, holistic & nail courses
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Beauty Business Skills


Hair Courses
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Hair Extension courses

Why choose our training academy?

TWorld Training is the ideal place if you are looking to broaden your skills, learn a new skill or change career. We offer a range of Award-winning courses across many industries, including Photography, Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing and Make Up Artist Academy. 

At TWorld Training our training courses are designed with you in mind. Whether you want to retrain, start a new career, or just need some extra skills and experience, we can help you with our vocational training. We train both students and adults, offering daytime courses as well as weekend classes. Offering a wide range of variety educational vocation training in many different fields. We are dedicated to helping you find the course that is right for you, no matter what age or experience level. No matter the course you choose from the following course portfolio we currently have:- 
1) Photography Classes
2) Photoshop and photo editing workshops
3) Hairdressing and hair stylist training
4) Hair extension technician courses
5) Makeup artist training courses to be an mua
6) Nail technician courses and nail enhancement training
7) Lash and brow technician courses
8) Beauty therapy or beautician courses
9) Become a fashion stylist course
10) Hair and beauty industry business skills and coaching

We are there for you every step of your journey, to support you and aid you to gain the skillset you want to make your dreams come true.

If you have any questions for our tutors about your training and would like our expert advise please get in touch on our
Connect With Us page. 

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