Hair Extension Courses

With so many celebrities and private clients wearing hair extensions. The quality of Remy hair and techniques never been so long lasting and kinder to clients hair. It is no wonder the market and demand for them has become huge. If you a looking for a new avenue for earning not just a good living but a great living, then now is the time to make the change.
With so many opportunities for technicians to work with existing clients or with celebrities, magazines, fashion shows and photo shoots. The demand is endless and is a great avenue for technicians to work flexible hours.
Our courses are designed for either existing hair stylists or beginners wanting to learn new skills and earn a great living as a hair extension technician. We teach multiple methods, so you can choose as few or as many methods you wish to offer your clientele.

Why choose our Hair Extension Courses?

Our courses are taught by international hair stylist and make up artist Karen Chesters. She has many years experience not only as a hair stylist working with celebrities, fashion shows, magazines, photo shoots and bridal clients.

Not only this she is also a driven qualified educator, her mission is to deliver the best training for students. So they can develop their career and uphold industry standards. Therefore students also receive aftercare support once they have completed their hair extension training.

What methods of hair extensions do you teach?

Hot Glue Fusion –Using a hot glue gun loose remy hair is applied using hot keratin glue. Hair colours customised and mixed using a drawing mat
Keratin Pre bondedHair extensions have a U tip of pre bonded glue. This is heated to enable fitting to the clients hair.
Shrinkies –These are lighter weight rubber fusion extensions. The are more beneficial for clients who don’t look after their hair.
Weaves – Sew In, Cold glue fusion, micro bead WeaveThese are where wefts of hair. rather than individual strands are attached to the clients hair using glue, micro beads or sewn in.
Tapes  Weft –
These are small wefts of hair that are fitted with tape for secure application without damage to the clients hair.
Micro rings/ beads –Stick tip or I tip individual strands are applied the clients hair using beads or rings
Nano rings/beads –Tipped individual strands are applied using tiny beads/rings.
Grid Lock Weft –Hair is applied with a grid nano ring section. A quick way to apply hair extensions for clients.

Hair Extensions Courses

Hair extension course. Learn 4 methods in a day.
One day 4 Methods
Weaves Cold Fusion Glue,Micro Bead weave,Braid less sew in Weave , Grid Lock Weave

2 day 8 methods hair extension courses in the UK
Two day 8 methods

Hot and cold application Hot Glue Fusion, Keratin Pre Bonded, Shrinkies, micro beads,, micro bead weave, nano beads, Tape weave and grid lock weave.
4 methods hair extension training in a day.
One day 4 methods
Micro Beads, micro bead weave and nano bead, Tape weave

UK hair extension courses by Tworld Training
Two day course-

8 methods Hot, Cold and Weave applications Keratin Pre Bonded, Micro beads, micro bead weave, nano beads, tape weave, braidless sew in weave, grid lock weave, sew in weave
6 methods hair extension training. One day hair extension course.
TT03 1 day course
6 methods
Fusion and Weave , Keratin Pre Bonded, Shrinkies, micro beads, braidless sew in weave, nano beads, tape weave

1 day hair extension stylist courses
One day

Hair extension hair stylist course Updo,’s, Blow waving, curling extension hair- Advanced techniques.
Individual Micro Ring Sew In Weave Course
Individual Nano Ring Extension course
Individual Micro Ring Extension Course
Individual Tape Extension Course

What locations do you teach?

Tworld Training holds courses nationally in the UK

TWorld Training offers courses nationwide in several major UK Cities. Therefore all students have the opportunity to learn their skills with us.

Please select your course and look at the course dates and venues near you.

Contact Tworld Training on 07772050659

What is included in my Hair Extension Courses?

  • For all students their receive the ultimate training pack. This will be their gateway to not only learning their new skills but also the tools to get them started
  • Student handbook
  • Client Consultation and after care sheets
  • Hairdressing training head with clamp
  • Full aftercare support. Therefore if you are not totally confident you can retrain again for free.
  • Certificate awarded at the end of training.
  • Student Kit

Do I need to buy a kit?

Hair extension kit for students who take our hair extension courses.

Your student kit is included with your training fees. Therefore you will not have to buy a kit to attend your course.

What is included in your kit?

Heat Connector (where applicable)
Hair extension hair for training
Extension Colour Chart
Hairdressing training head and clamp
Hairdressing Scissors and razor
Hairdressing Cutting Comb
Hairdressing pin tail comb
Hairdressing section clips
Plus specialist tools for your chosen course

Do I need to be a hairdresser?

Our courses are designed for both total novice and experienced hair stylist. Therefore you do not have to be a hairdresser as we do look at some theory behind hair and being a technician. We also tech you professional ethics and standards of practise within the industry.

Tworld Training is part of Tworld Studio

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