Photoshop or Final Cut Pro Courses

Our Adobe Photoshop Courses are for students who want to understand the process of the digital darkroom. They teach the workflow and give understanding of this amazing editing software program. Whether you prefer a one to one or don’t mind learning within a group, we have courses that suit your needs. The course software we teach is Adobe photo shop. But Adobe elements is also suitable for the program we deliver. For these courses you must have your own laptop to attend the course.
Our intensive information packed training programs will teach you all you have ever wanted or needed to know about photo editing and photo enhancement. Including workflow, cropping, sharpening, various tools and their uses. Saving images for the right use and resolution for either print or digital use. Saving and backing up images, which is essential not to lose your photographs you have taken. In addition our Photoshop Courses will teach you the best practise for editing in Raw or jpeg images. So you can rest assured after your training and with practise you can edit, save and store all your photographs with this amazing editing software program YOU WILL be working just like a pro digital editor.

Photo shop courses to edit photographs
One to One Photoshop Course
Group photoshop courses
Group Photoshop course

Final Cut Pro Course

Final Cut Pro is the industry leader for creating professional videos. This is the digital editing software package has some amazing functions.Learning this great bit not kit will take you to the next level. Our courses are taught in a group or on a one to one basis. In this course you learn about the digital magnetic time line, and everything in the interface you need to know.
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