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Hair Up and Bridal Hair course

Hair Up and Bridal Hair course

Recently we have been running our bridal hair and make up course again. we are super pleased with the progress of our students. So much so we thought we would give a shout out to Sarah. she came to the training academy with no knowledge what so ever of how to do a dutch braid. But her sheer determination to get it perfect really made her shine.

Dutch braiding is complicated and can be a difficult style to master. Especially if you do not know how to hold the hair strands and which way to make them meet together to form the dutch braid. Other complications can be the position of the hair stylist and how they hold their hands in align to the customers scalp. The key is to keep the backs of your hands close to the scalp and make sure your weight is even on both feet. Without this the braid may not turn out straight.
It is also important to remember that when you pass the core left strand under the middle strand. To pick some hair up and add it into the “now middle” strand. And then follow the same technique with the right. So eventually the hair strands are passed and picked up from left to middle and right to middle. Smoothing the hair as you go to ensure a top quality neat finish.

Check out Sarah’s work via our You Tube Channel

Hair Up and Bridal Hair course- have you got what it takes?

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