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Henna Tattoo Course- Mehndi Tattoo training course

Henna Tattoo Course

Henna Tattoo Course- Mehndi Tattoo training course

Henna Tattoo Course- Mehndi Tattoo training course

After a great training day with us we would like to congratulate Adeeba on completing her enna Tattoo Course- Mehndi Tattoo training course. Her future plan is to do Henna Tattoos for weddings and at local festivals. She did brilliantly with her training!

When studying on our Henna tattoo course students learn how to mix their own Henna paste and make their own cones. How to store Mehndi so that it stays fresh. Students are also taught why you should not buy certain types of Henna as it is toxic. Which can cause problems for clients with the irritants they contain.

Within the course students also learn how to consult with clients. In order to find out any contra indications to performing Henna tattoo treatments. A consultation is also to find what designs they would like. Upon completion of a consultation students apply the Mehndi with cones freehand or with using stencils. We touch upon coloured glitter henna too to add that extra sparkle to the preferred design. Upon completion of the Mehndi application students learn all about the after care of the fresh henna tattoo. This is to ensure the henna stays on the skin long enough to stain the skin. Plus for the longevity of the design to last for the recommended time frame.
After a full on informative packed day we go through a quick refresh before wrapping up the day. Upon successful training all students received a certificate to show their ability and that they have been formally trained.

Student practising her henna tattoo techniques

henna tattoo design by Tworld Training Student
Henna paste tubes
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Adeeba worked hard in all of these and passed her training.

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