Accredited Body Massage Course.


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Accredited Body Massage Course. 

Course Overview:

This course will teach you to be a massage therapist. This course will teach you everything you need to know about offering a professional body massage and includes a practical training session and assessment.

Modules covered in this course:

Reception, Consultation and Ventilation
Introduction, Reception, Consultation and Ventilation
The Cellular System
The Muscular System
Muscle Positions and Actions Part 1
Muscle Positions and Actions Part 2
The Skeletal System Bone Structure
The Skeletal System Bone Position
The Circulatory System
The Lymphatic System
The Nervous and Endocrine System
The Respiratory System and Digestive System
The Skin
Contra-indications and Contra-actions
Preparing For Treatment
Massage Technique
Perform Manual Massage – Front Of The Leg
Perform Manual Massage – Hand And Arm
Perform Manual Massage -Neck, Shoulder & Chest
Perform Manual Massage – Abdominal And Back Of Leg
Perform Manual Massage – Back And Neck
Treatment Adaptations And Aftercare


Method and hours of study:- 21 hours of Theory plus 2 days practical assessment. You will need to provide a model for practical assessment days. A kit is not necessary for assessment days but you can purchase a kit from us. If you need details of kits please get in touch.

Please note:
You may also have to pay a £25.00 registration fee to the accrediting body.

Certification awarded on completion.

Each Student has a maximum time of 6 months to complete this course once enrolled

Klarna payments at the checkout.


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