Certified Stage and Drag Make Up Course.


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Course Overview: 

This course is for talented make up artists to create brightly coloured high end drag make up as well as looks for the stage and theatre. You will learn all the techniques required for this make up genre and well as the best tools and products to create these looks.

Modules covered:-
Face Shapes and bone structures
Client consultation forms and mapping
Contra indications
Types of foundations and layering
Contouring for the face, nose, eyes and lips
Cut crease
Eyebrow blocking
Lashes and application
Stage eye
Winged liner
Eyebrow enhancement
Enhancing lips with lipliners and lip stick
Media character design
Dramatic looks
Fixing the look with powder
Stage lighting and how colours effect make up
Ageing with latex
Character ageing
Script breakdown and character design
Using crepe hair to create beards, eyebrows or on other areas of the body
Wigs – Prep,application and care
Portfolio of your work shot by our in house photographer.

Method and hours of study:-  7 days.You will need to bring your own kit.

Certification awarded on completion.

Each Student has a maximum time of 12 months to complete this course once enrolled.

Spread the cost with Klarna payments.



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