Crystal Healing Course.


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Course Overview:-

This course covers useful techniques to professionally complete crystal healing treatments. You will be taught about the healing properties of a wide range of crystals so that you can confidently recommend crystals to clients for use in their daily lives. You will also gain an understanding of which crystals would work well in the treatments you currently offer.

Modules covered in this course:-

Introduction, Reception and Consultation
Traditions, Benefits, Formation and Structure of Crystals,
The Aura, the Chakras and the Meridian Energies,
Choosing Your Crystals,
Preparing for Treatment-Indications,
Cleansing, Energising and Programming Crystals,
Crystal Healing Routine,

Method and hours of study:- 10 Hours online study in your own time.

Please note:

You may also have to pay a £25.00 registration fee to the accrediting body.

Certification awarded on completion.

Each Student has a maximum time of 6 months to complete this course once enrolled.

Klarna payments at the checkout.


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