Newborn Photography Course.


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Newborn Photography Course

Taught as one to one or as a group.

Course Overview:

This practical newborn photography course is designed for all photographers who wish to enter the baby portrait market. It will give you all the skills to attract parents to your business. It will enable you to capture those best selling shots of their little one and building a successful Newborn Photography Business.

Modules Included:
First contact & Parent preparation.
Basic Safety.
Camera functions and composition of baby portraits.
Lenses, making the right choice.
Exposure and correcting exposures.
White balance.
Shooting in Raw formats.
Studio Lighting and balancing the light for baby photos.
Use of modifiers.
Hi and low key lighting.
Various lighting set ups for child photography.
Use of props and shot styling.
Posing babies for those best selling shots.
Simple beanbag posing.
Practical session to put everything into practise.
Quick overview at photo shop, workflow and why you enhance your images.

Method and hours of study: 1 day practical assessment.

Certificate awarded on completion.

Each Student has a maximum time of 6 months to complete this course, once enrolled.

Klarna payments at the checkout.


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