Online Photography Workshop for the hair and beauty industry.


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Workshop  Overview:-

Salon owners and hair and beauty industry professionals obviously produce fantastic work for their clients. However, if you have ever felt let down by the ability to capture your work in a professional photographic manner then this workshop is for you! It teaches you everything you need to know about photography for the hair and beauty industry. Which shots work and which shots don’t work. How to correctly light your client results  of your work and get show stopping photos for your social media accounts avoiding the pitfalls of too many shadows, yellow lights and incorrect posing of clients/poor composition. This workshop is taught by industry expert beauty photographer Warren Garrett and it also has the under pinning knowledge of the hair and beauty industry mentor/educator Karen Chesters. This makes the course totally bespoke for salon owners, home salon owners and freelancers alike. 

Modules included:

  • Cameras / phone cameras – types and modes to use. 
  • Composition and how to get a pro style photograph.
  • Lighting and what is best to capture your work. Artificial light / best ring light to use and their colour temperature.
  • Natural light and when to use it to ensure the colour details are your work are correct. 
  • Correct use of backgrounds to improve images and not have clutter in the background.
  • Best poses for hair, make up, lashes, nails and other beauty treatments. 

Method and hours of study:-  1.5 hours online via zoom


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