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The career of a freelance make up artist and how to become a full time make up artist.

Career of a freelance make up artist- how do you become a make up artist?

The career of a freelance make up artist working in the make-up artistry industry is huge. As a Make-up artist your should be creative, have good communication skills, know the latest styles and have an enthusiasm towards this field. A make-up artist can work in various places such as fashion shows, weddings, special events and photo shoots. in order to become a good make-up artist, formal training or education is necessary.

The qualities required by a make up artist are

A make up artist needs to be able to creates illusion through makeup.
A make up artist should also have knowledge about products and their uses. And should be familiar with all kinds of equipment used for it.
Make Up artists need a good understanding of colour and the perception of colour balance
You need a love for make-up and good understanding of the uses.
It is essential to have good listening and communication skills
A pure need to be creative and artistic but also take direction
It is essential to have to be ability to work under pressure with short deadlines. 
You also need to be diplomatic and have a good business sense.
Taking care of your health, stamina, patience, and concentration. It a total must it is mentally and physically a challenging job. 
Having a careful eye for detail and an ability willingness to work long hours.Sometimes jobs take longer than anticipated. 

If you think you have what it takes, then go try to become one now. We can show you the right genre and course for you to work in with our training courses. 

career of a freelance make up artist

Fashion. Shows and fashion make up artists

As a make-up artist one must have an art and fashion sense. One should be aware of the latest trends in fashion and style. These are usually high pressured with short deadlines for the models to be ready and to be on the catwalk. High fashion looks are usually created to set the trends for the next season. If the look is more avant guard, it is also the make up artists job to remove any specialist make up after the show. 

Cosmetic Counters and in store make up artists

At a cosmetic counter in a department store or one with a cosmetic brand, the make-up artist is required to educate the customers on their products and also demonstrate them. One must be able to mix and match colors correctly so as to create the correct complexion and skin tone. Make up agencies will enlist freelance make up artists to go into stores for product launches on behalf of the make up houses. Showcasing new products to the general public.

Weddings and bridal make up artists

When working with brides it is a must to be calm. Remember this is their first time even if its your hundredth wedding. A good consolation is essential to determine their needs and expectations. Inspiration pictures are a good idea to create a brief for their look. However explain these are Inso and not copies. As the person in the photo has different hair and facial features to the model. A good timing plan and being organised on the day is a plus too. To ensure smooth running of the morning.

Photo Shoots and studio make up artistry

Photo shoots can be anything from studio portrait make overs to shoots fashion campaigns. It is essential to understand the purpose of the shoot and lighting used. So the make up artist can deliver the brief. This can be exciting work but as a make up artist you must work efficiently. As it costs money for studio time and sometimes the understanding for how long it takes to apply make up is not grasped. No one likes to wait hours for the make up as they need to get the garments photographed,

Theatre, TV and commercials freelance and dailies make up artists.

The make-up artist is the one who has to look into all aspects of the character. One must be adept at applying theatrical, tv and special effects make up.A good make up artist will know how to use all cosmetics, greasepaint, hairpieces and other materials that are used on the set, in a way that makes the actor look his or her best in front of the camera. A make up artist should also have knowledge about prosthetics and should be familiar with all kinds of equipment used for it. in this genre usually you work for free in the beginning as an assistant. Student films are also a good way of gaining experience. As well as gaining work with a crew that hires “dailies” which are usually hired to make up the extras in the films. When working in theatres a good understanding of lighting will be essential. As theatre lights can affect colours in make up. Once applied onto the actor and they perform under the lights the make up can look totally different from the make up room to the stage. 

To conclude there are many genres and areas you can work within the make up industry. ever the years there has been an explosion with in the industry and it has grown exponentially. The starting point would be to get the right training, build your portfolio and connections. Laying the right building blocks can give you a great full time career with a substantial income.

For more details about our courses please check out or get in touch our professional make up educator can point you in the right direction.

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