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E:Filing and Nail Art Course

E:filing courses in the Uk that's are accredited
E:filing courses in the Uk that's are accredited

Congratulations to our recent graduates who attended our combined E:filing and nail art course. Dawn, Laraine and Sophia who participated did fantastically well during their training.

This combined E:filing and nail art course focussed on the E:Filing element during the morning session. During the practical training our students learned about the E:file machines and the difference between them, as some E:File machines do vary and have different speeds as well as some are more portable and cordless. The machines the students used were varied from 20,000 RPM which were corded and the portable machines were 30,000 RPM. Either system is ok but students did prefer the cordless versions.
Students also learned about the various drill bits and what they do. They got chance to practise with the Mandrill bit with sanding bands plus the backfill bit, barrel bits and cone bit.
Finally Students also got the chance to use some softer bits for buffing nails.

Details for this course can be found on our website

Following on from the morning session our students then moved onto Nail Art Techniques. This is when all the fun begins and we get to relive our art classes as a child! Nail Art is all about being creative and delivering some dynamic designs.
During this course students learn how to apply rhinestones and to ensure they stay on the nails. This course also shows new nail artists how to create marbling techniques using nail polish and water with every design uniques as the water and polish always react in a different way in how the colours mix together.
Using the correct brushes is an essential part of this training course and understand what the dotting tools do as well as striping brushes. Having a good understandIng of the tools will ensure nail artists can create some stunning designs. This course is intensive and fun with lots of techniques, products and tools used on the day.

We would like to wish Dawn, Sophia and Laraine all the best for their future as nail technicians.

E:filing and nail art course

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