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Lash Lift ,Tint and Brow Shaping Training Course.

Lash Lift ,Tint and Brow Shaping Training Course

Lash lift and tint is such a popular treatment for therapists and salons to offer. It has great benefits to those clients who do not want lash extensions but prefer definition to their own eyelashes. This treatment is perfect for clients who do not want to apply mascara on a daily basis but do want more lift on their lashes if they tend to grow with little curve.

The whole treatment process for this can take around 1 to 1.5 hours dependant on how the therapist works. The results are seen instantly and should last a few weeks if the client follows aftercare advice.
You can also up sell the service by adding brow tint, wax and shape services. This takes a small amount of extra time but really compliments the lash treatments. Some of the prep time for brow tint can also be slotted into the existing lash tint and be done simultaneously therefore adding more value for the salon or freelance therapist.
Once you have applied the protective shield under the eye and applied the shield/roller on the lid. The actual lift process is a simple 3 step chemical process. Upon completion of the lift is when the tint takes place.

So why should you offer this service to your customers, and why should you attend a formal training course?

The average price for this service is anywhere between £25 to £50 dependant on your demographic area and client base so can be a profitable service as not only clients will come for the initial treatment but will also come for there maintenance appointments. And after all if you are not offering Lash Lift and Tint your competitors will be so potentially you could lose clients who may go to other salons and, in turn they could also stay there for treatments or services that you do offer.
By attending a formal training course you are attaining an accredited qualification so you therefore are covered by insurance companies.
You will also attain the trust factor from clients that you are an expert in your field as you will be properly certified to demonstrate you are qualified.

Also as a therapist it builds confidence and peace of mind that you are doing treatments using the best professional practise and can offer the best service to your clients as well as the best aftercare knowledge to support them. This is fundamental to any service as you need to have total faith in what you offer.

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Lash Lift and Tint Training Course
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