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Spray Tan Training Course

Spray Tan Training Course
Congratulations to Fay and Dawn

Congratulations to Shai, Dawn and Fay on completing their Spray Tan Training Course. Their hard work and patience has paid off and now all 3 students are adding spray tanning to their treatment lists for their clients.

Our Spray Tan Training Course teaches students on the various strengths of spray tan solutions and what results they can give on various skin tones. We also look on how to use the spray compressor and how to achieve the best results. Students are allowed to practise their spraying techniques on a mannequin. We wrap the mannequin in tissue as this is a good indicator to show whether the compressor has been used for over spraying or not used enough. It really helps the student to get to grips with using the spray tan compressor, before completing their practical assessment on a live
The practical assessment involves students practising consultation techniques.Pre advise for clients and what the need to do before a spray tan. Patch testing on clients. Spray tan solution selection and knowing the correct application techniques. Alongside aftercare techniques students need to advise clients so their tan will last longer.

Spray tanning is a very popular treatment which can be very profitable for therapists. It is ideal in the winter months for that pick me up effect. But also great prior to going holiday so you glow before you go or a slimming effect. Proms are a massive market for spray tanning. Alongside hen parties and weddings. However if a bride a wedding guest is requesting a tan, we do recommend that they take the tan a few days before. Especially for the bride so no tan transfers onto her beautiful white dress. All of this we do cover in the Spray Tan training.

We wish Dawn, Shai and Fay well with their future. Details of this course can be found on our website

Spray Tan Training Course
Spray Tan Training Course

Tutor for this course is Karen Chesters

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