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Hair Extension Course-What qualifications do I need to do hair extensions?

Hair extension courses by TWorld Training

Hair extension course

Hair extension student receiving her certificate.
Hair extension course blog
Congratulations Karly on passing her 6 methods hair extension course

Karly recently attended our 6 methods hair extension training. This was completed in a day and was a one to one training course. During the day Karly learned the different techniques pf application and removal of the following hair extension systems:-
Keratin Pre Bonded
Micro beads and micro tubes
Nano Beads
Tape weave
Plus micro bead weave.

Through this intensive day Karly did amazingly well. Towards the end of the day during training cutting freshly fitted hair extensions was also covered. Although as Karly is an existing hair stylist and barber she already had the under pinning knowledge to attain this skill successfully. She hopes to now build her own hair extension technician business through her current clientele.
We wish her well and will offer on going support to this talented stylist and now hair extension technician.

micro loop hair extensions
Cutting hair extensions on our hair extension course
Colour ranges of hair extensions

If you would like to know more about the modules covered in this course please check out
6 methods hair extension course

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