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Wedding Photography Training Course

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Wedding Photography Training

Beautiful bride with smokey eye make up. Photo taken on TWorld Training's wedding photography courses

With the wedding industry growing each year, the demand for wedding photographers is huge. Wedding photography is not just about being a photographer but is also about being a wedding photography specialist and being able to think quickly on your feet to ensure you capture every moment of the day perfectly.

It is quite an intense step by step process that is highly pressured for the individual taking the photographs, and they have to be totally organised and focused. Many photographers make the mistake of thinking because they can use their camera and do a little bit of photography it would be easy to capture the most important day of a couple’s life. This is definitely not the case and can lead to disaster for both photographer and the couple if this attitude is taken, leaving the photographer liable for not delivering what the couple wanted. Some of the challenges for anyone starting out as a wedding photographer is knowing how to:-

Plan the day.
Being ready to capture every shot.
Using the right camera and lenses.
How to capture a wedding in bright or low light.
Posing guests.
Using the right camera settings and not using “Auto”.
Workflow and post production.

It can seem overwhelming to a newbie in the industry and knowing where to start can feel like a minefield not just because of the above issues but also knowing how to gain customers, deal with wedding guests and their needs as well as knowing when you can shoot in a venue and when you are not legally allowed to etc.

So why do any Wedding Photography Training?

By studying this genre of photography it will give you all the preparation you will need to go out and work in the wedding industry as a wedding photography specialist, giving you the right foundations to be professional and deal with any challenges before you actually have you first clients. This way you will be able to give your clients the best service possible and get further recommendations.
With the knowledge gained from us you will know exactly how to plan the day and know all the killer shots you will need to capture from the bridal prep and detail shots right up to the first dance.
You will learn how to set the camera functions such as white balance, ISO, apertures, shutter speeds, exposure compensation, correct lenses to use and best use of flash and natural light. With all the technical knowledge and planning you will get the exact shots you want and if the shot does not come out as expected you will be able to make the adjustments quickly so you do not miss any important moments.
Our course will give you the confidence you need and you will work with a professional model to hone in your skills.

How can I find out more?

Details of our wedding photography course can be found via the link:

All students also receive online aftercare support.

If you are looking to take that leap and want to start your new career then why not get in touch today?

Wedding photography student receiving his certificate of excellence
Mark successfully completed his wedding photography course and is now looking to set himself up in the wedding photography industry.
Testimonial from student who attended the wedding photography course

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