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Beginners Beauty Make Up Course

Beginners Beauty Make Up Course

Beginners Beauty Make Up

Well done Steffi.
Recently Steffi came to us and chose our Beginners Beauty Make Up Course. She worked amazingly well to create various looks. With her beautiful professional model Kayleigh who is represented by Creative Image Academy.

Our Beginners beauty make up course included various modules that teaches students how to analyse the skin. Create a flawless base on clients and how to choose the correct foundation for the clients skin tone.
Following on from this students learn the correct application techniques for products. Such as eye shadows, eyeliner, mascara, contouring, lashes, lipgloss and liner. With these techniques under way we teach closing the correct colours for clients. So it will enhance their bone structure, hair colour, eye colour and skin tone.

Steffi created this amazing natural daytime look. following the brief to keep the make up look as simple as possible and to make Kayleigh look fresh faced. By using the eyeliner to create a frame for the eyes. It makes the eyes stand out whilst keeping the simplicity. Kayleigh has amazing cheek bones so Steffi did some fabulous contouring to emphasise her prominent cheek bones.

Products were chosen with great care to suit the skin tone and condition of the model. Also taking into account the models distinctive red hair.

Application techniques adopted were to be of industry standard and hygiene at the forefront of all application techniques. Using disposable tools where possible.

Beginners Beauty Make Up Course
Evening look created by student Steffi

Following on from creating the daytime look. Steffi went on to create a sassy evening party look. As you can see the difference there is more emphasis on the eye make up, with glitter added for a more party feel. The contouring is a lot heavier to add more warmth and definition to the cheeks. With the lip colour being darker and more shimmery. Which would be more appropriate for a party.

During training with us all make up students work with our professional models and our in house fashion photographer. So unlike other basic make up courses, students finish their training with a professionally photographed portfolio. With professional models in the photographs. These photographs are just as important as a make up kit. As the high quality photographs will attract high end clients.
We also offer support to students if required after their training. So they can come back and trouble shoot issues they have.

If you have any questions about our Beginners Beauty Make Up course check us out here or connect with us

Tutor for this course is Karen Chesters

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