Mindfulness and being a Mindfulness Coach


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Course overview.

In a world full of daily stresses, support for mental health is a sort after service. Whether for yourself or to have the ability to help and guide clients on their self improvement journey. This course will give you the tools to help yourself and clients to reduce stress and anxiety. Improve their wellbeing and self care to cope with life’s challenges.  This course will take you through the core aspects of  Mindfulness with 15 self care exercise. 

Modules Included:

  • Definition and History of Mindfulness
  • Learning the Foundations of Mindful Meditation Practices
  • Mindfulness – Based Interventions
  • Mental, Physical and Emotional Benefits of Meditation
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Mindfulness Experiences and Myths
  • Mindful Eating and Self-Exploration
  • Mindfulness Application – Exercises for Yourself and Clients
  • Assessment Questions

Method and hours of study:- Online theory study online at your own pace
Accredited certification awarded on completion.

Please note:

Klarna payments at the checkout.

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